What we are super passionate about is creating a brand, a platform, that our international community can genuinely connect with and help others thrive" - Founder Sebastian Elements4Life is a 10+ year evolving functional lifestyle & fitness brand out of Australia. The E4L.Online platform is a revolutionary opportunity to build a connected community driven to making change in the fitness, health and lifestyle space. Join E4L.Online today and be part of something great. E4L Online™ is a fitness and health digital content delivery platform with integrated international partners and licensed and native content, Live workouts, replays, multi-week programs, informative podcasts and more. The future of fitness is here. THE TRAINING: To deliver and provide the #1 Functional Training Systems in the world using proven advanced methods, evolving industry standards, expert coaching techniques and exclusive E4L smart technology, platforms and applications. THE HEALTH MESSAGE: Elements4Life, the brand, has a holistic outlook to living and lifestyle and hopes people embrace a more connected life away from the toxic, monetised, western influences of the modern world. This means reconnecting to what it means to be human at the core and reconnecting to nature. This also means making a really good effort towards the COMPLETE removal of all toxins, cumulative heavy metal poisoning, hormone disrupters, problematic vitamin and mineral deficiencies, causes of inflammation, chemicals, food additives, GMO, processed foods, excessive behaviours, opioid dependancies and exposure to pollution in all its forms including unhealthy EMF, poisoned water and radiation exposure. A toxin FREE lifestyle is the BEST lifestyle choice! This is a goal worth striving for where simply seeking better is a move in the right direction. Once we acknowledge that these environmental factors are the major catalysts to sickness, mental health issues and depression, we have already made a major step forward towards positive change and a deeper understanding of health. Together, let’s make the current societal dependancies on the above a thing of the past. Lets’s remove the pressure on the hospital system, reduce unnecessary visits to the doctor and lets reduce pharmaceutical drug dependancy and self-abusive behaviours. Create a NEW world where a higher % of people are truly healthy at a cellular level because they took control of their biological environment, their fitness and health, improved their habits and removed the disruptions. A happier, stronger community, physically and mentally, based on research, education, passion and confidence. A team effort! Creating a NEW well informed and educated society with an optimised understanding on cellular health, DNA tuning, mitochondrial health, importance of water quality, a connection to harmonious frequencies, sound and light, sustainable lifestyles, self-sufficiency attitudes, environmental respect and a complete harmonious biological environment at a cellular level. THE EXPERIENCE: Physical Gyms, Coaching, Digital Online Services & Smart Experiences. OUR PEOPLE: If you align to the above message, want to train effectively, be part of an educated health orientated community and have a strong desire to work towards a new world of health starting with your own, you are in the right place. We look forward to meeting you.


MISSION: Elements4Life (E4L) is leading the way in trademarked modular functional training systems and multi-experience services. We call these Smart™ Experiences. Each unique E4L Smart™ training experience is built on scientific principles catering for multiple training styles, personal space compliancy and personal preferences. Multiple training experiences for a stronger and engaged community. All experiences have a participation cap policy to meet strict personal space compliancy for the best training experience. More personal space, better practices and greater experiences. Elements4life (E4L) are market leaders in fitness experiences, compliancy, hygiene, innovation, evolution and facilitation. Smarter by definition. Better in execution. Our focus as a leader in the space is to encourage a holistic approach to health and fitness with an inclusive and tolerant community. Cellular health protocols and education, effective fitness regimes and better lifestyle choices are at the core of our philosophy and we look forward to becoming an expanding influence in this area in our community.

Our Journey

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March 2021 - International Licensing Agreement

Established and onboarded 30+ brands and 1200+ videos to kickstart the content platform with a focus on fitness, health and lifestyle as the niche. Workouts, podcasts, tutorials and more.

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January 2023 - New Landing Page & Site Enhancements

New dynamic landing page and design to deliver our modernised platform message.

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March 2023 - Affiliate Brand Profile

E4L.ONLINE has worked hard on its deliverable services and has evolved and grown into a reputable online content delivery brand. We have now established a new AFFILIATE feature that allows content providers to build their own brands allowing them to earn monthly residual income. E4L.Online is committed to building strong communities, adopting new advanced methodologies and has now created a series of new age content delivery mechanisms.

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May 2023 - Affiliate Content Libraries

AFFILIATES can now build their own content libraries and offer exclusive content to their user base whilst being part of a large growing community delivering the best information in fitness, health and lifestyle. and fitness. Together we can change the world and empower communities to strive for better.

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May 2023 - Income Generation System

All AFFILIATES can now earn an ongoing monthly income based on the number of fans and members they onboard using their affiliation links and codes. For every member that maintains their active status membership, the affiliate will earn an ongoing monthly income. This $ value progressively increases as they increase their user base.

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June 2023 - Enhanced Affiliate Profile Pages

Affiliates can now track, claim and monitor their income channels as well as monitor their content library. New product links and additional content options now available.

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June 2023 - Enhanced Income Tracking Charts & Graphs

Track your online income and affiliation reward level with advanced charting and graphs to ensure you stay on top of your game. Earn rewards for exclusive content and more. All features will evolve in time and the UX experience will only get better. How much money is your content worth?


Meet your coach

Our E4L coaching team are highly regarded Master Functional Trainers (MFT) and have obtained certification, in our specialities, at a high level. Our dynamic team is continually engaging in further training to enhance our skill set which now includes becoming Master Restoration Coaches (MRC). We are at your service.

Coach Sebastian  picture

Coach Sebastian

Head Coach

All Experiences

Specialises in cellular nutrition, lifestyle adjustment, strength and body composition change.

Coach Erin  picture

Coach Erin

Super Coach


Specialises in body composition change, fat loss and healthier living.

Coach Joseph  picture

Coach Joseph

Super Coach


Specialises in resistance training, mobility, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Our members love us

‘Service’ defined as ‘the action of helping or doing work for someone’ - the service that Elements 4 Life provides goes beyond this. The coaches are genuine, their approach to training is exciting and progressive, you will be supported and challenged to be the best version of yourself – mind and body. Then there’s the amazing people, our E4L community, this is what makes the gym so unique to all the other gyms I’ve been a member of.

Danielle Stojanoski